About [LITRA]

First, let me take a moment to introduce myself in a few words:

I’m Nicole, 28 years old, university graduate of North American studies at Georg-August-University Goettingen, a freelance journalist and relatively new to the world of blogging. Having been born in the late 80’s, I belong to that generation of people who grew up without the internet, smartphones and social media. Thus, I observe the progression of digitization, especially within the world of media, with a curious and a critical attitude. I believe in the importance of traditional media, including online media, produced by expert journalists who have learned their craft from scratch, and am interested in as well as skeptical about the additional benefit of social media which can be used by anyone at any point in time. Primarily, I cherish the possibility the internet provides for prospective professionals to create their own platform, demonstrate their talent and give free reign to their creativity.

[LITRA] Life Is The Real Author will be my platform to pursue my passion for writing and reporting without being limited to editorial guidelines and boundaries regarding topic selection, style and layout. I see it as my own column and am excited to be able to write about everything that interests me from travel and politics to food and entertainment. The category of each post will be indicated by an embedded graphic to improve clarity. Additionally, I plan to use my passion for photography to beautify the blog’s design and posts.

This blog will be bilingual. Most posts will be in English, since I love the language and want to improve my writing skills, but some posts might be in German as well, depending on the topic and depending on what language I prefer on that day.

Concluding, I want to welcome you to [LITRA] and hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to explore the site, give feedback in the comments section and – of course – follow!

Hopefully, this will be a great adventure! Ready… set… go!

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