Academy Awards 2016 Recap: Leo and the golden Man

After sealing myself off from the outside world last Monday, which meant no tv, radio, newspaper or smartphone, in order to avoid hearing all about the Oscars which took place Sunday night in Los Angeles (thank you, time difference!), I finally got to watch the recording Monday evening. (I have to say, you have no idea how hard it is in our digitized, fast-paced, obsessively connected world to avoid news about something that happened on the other side of the world!)


(Photo: Wagner)

This year’s Academy Awards were, above and beyond everything else, a relief to all movie goers fascinated by the work of one of the greatest actors of our time. Not everyone may agree that he is the most gifted and hard working of all actors in Hollywood, but the majority of experts and cinematic enthusiasts will agree that Leonardo DiCaprio’s (41) yet incomplete body of work justifies the win of that golden statue crowning the career of every Hollywood star. And this year, after six unsuccessful nominations in previous years, Leo finally received the golden man for his outstanding performance in The Revenant, which altogether received three awards.

Personally, after years and years of admiring Leo’s work from his breakthrough performance in Gilbert Grape and his worldwide success in Titanic to the jaw-dropping Blood Diamond, I couldn’t have been happier about his win. In my opinion, it is representative of all the other times he should have won. But that is just me being the Leo fan that I’ve been for the past 18 years.

Besides that one win, which even the other celebrities in attendance had seemingly been waiting for, my personal highlight was the musical performance by Lady Gaga (29) who, despite not winning the award for Best Orginial Song, gave me chills. The song “Till it happens to you” from The Hunting Ground, which Gaga co-wrote with Diane Warren, broaches the issue of sexual abuse of women and her performance ended with the emotional appearance of survivors on stage.

Another highlight was the overall performance of this year’s host Chris Rock (51), who did not hesitate to criticize the boycott of the show by some African Americans, among them Jada Pinkett Smith (44), who had called on fellow actors to protest the alleged neglect of African American performances by the Oscar jury. In some people’s opinion, he might have crossed a line with some of his jokes and stretched the topic out for too long over the course of the show, but overall he did a great job almost comparable to that of last year’s host Neil Patrick Harris (42).

My fashion highlight this year was the breathtaking blue Gucci dress worn by Brie Larson (26), who won the Academy Award for “Best actress in a leading role” for her performance in Room, which was custom made for her by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michelle.

Last but not least, the award that went to Spotlight for “Best Picture” was the most surprising moment of the night, as everyone expected another victory for The Revenant. The biographical drama tells the true story of a team of reporters from the Boston Globe, who reveal the sexual abuse of children by roman-catholic priests. Thus, this film became number one on my priority list of movies I need to see next.

Overall, this year’s show was not as exciting to watch as the Golden Globes back in January, but Leo’s win alone made it well worth watching.


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